Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee shall plan and oversee the community-building, activities of the parish,
providing the members with opportunities to share our friendship in Christ. We organize activities
for the church, reaching out to all generations, bringing the church family together in time of
fellowship. Activities include congregational meeting luncheon, Easter egg hunt, church picnic,
camp out and fellowship socials and coffee bar.

Fellowship Socials are held periodically following the 10:30 service.
Our socials are a great time to meet and greet fellow members and visitors of Zion’s.
If you would like to donate fruit/snacks/baked goods for any of the socials, watch the
bulletin board in the Narthex to sign up for the next event.

“Coffee Bar” is prepared weekly for your enjoyment. Light snacks and fruit are always welcome.
To sign up to prepare coffee or to donate snacks check the bulletin board in the Narthex or
contact any Fellowship Committee Member with your questions.

We meet quarterly before scheduled events and as needed.
No special skills are needed. Volunteers can sign up to help out for one annual fellowship activity
or to help out throughout the year. We appreciate the support of the congregation as they pitch
in to help with setup or cleanup at each event.

If any of these events interest you – contact a committee member to volunteer.