Zion’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Perry Township was organized about 1759,
when a number of members withdrew from the exclusively Lutheran Moselem Church
and joined the Reformed people at Windsor Castle to establish a union church.

In 1759, the Lutherans and Reformed people of the Windsor Castle area joined
together to form Zion’s Church. The first church building was a primitive log
house of prayer which was replaced by larger, more substantial buildings as
time went by.

As a result of the Lutheran church’s desire to relocate, planning for the present
church building began in 1966. The first official church service was held on
Thanksgiving Eve in 1969 and the building was dedicated on December 7, 1969.
Zion’s continues to grow in God’s love and direction to serve our community.

For 255 years, Christians have gathered for worship and fellowship
in Perry Township.

The many changes in church buildings over these two centuries are only a hint
of the change and growth in our mission as a people of God. Through Christ, the
family of Zion’s has been showered with blessings of opportunity and challenges
of service, becoming a leader among the churches of Northern Berks County.