Preceding Pastors


2013 – 2014


RevDrDSRitterThe Rev. Dr. Dennis S. Ritter

Pastor Ritter served as Zion’s full-time as interim pastor during its 2013-2014 transition period. He had recently taken early retirement from Lutheran Congregational Services, a social ministry organization of the ELCA and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod. He served as the Executive Director of that agency for 9 1/4 years. Prior to his work at LCS he served as a pastor at two congregations — Arndt’s Lutheran Church, Easton (13 years) and St. John Lutheran Church, Kutztown (13 years). His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Muhlenberg College, a Masters of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and a Doctor of Ministry from Drew Theological School.

Pastor Ritter is married and lives in Lyons. He and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of two grown daughters (Bethann and Cynthia).

Pastor Ritter continues to serve other parishes in need of leadership on a temporary basis.

(Rev 2015)



2005 – 2013

Rev. Vicki Reeser

St. Joseph’s (Hill) Lutheran Church in Boyertown, Pa. was the last congregation whose spiritual lives where enriched by this minister of the word of God.

Pastor Reeser spreads the gospel outside of church as well by her involvement in the East Berks Mission District, Transitional Ministry Committee/NEPA Synod and First-Call Rostered Group.

Her academic background includes Bloomsburg University and the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia.

 Pastor Reeser began a chaplaincy at Lehigh Valley Hospital after leaving Zion’s and is now serving in the York PA area.

(rev. 2015)


2004 – 2005

Pastor Zacharda

Rev. George Zacharda

Pastor George Zacharda served as our Interim Pastor until a new pastor was called at Zion’s. Pastor Zacharda helped to make the transition to a new permanent pastor a smooth one. Interim pastorship was not new to Pastor Zacharda, he had five years prior experience.

Prior to coming to Zion’s, he was at New Bethel in Kempton, Pennsylvania.

Pastor Zacharda is a graduate of Lafayette College and the Lutheran
Theological Seminary of Philadelphia. Pastor Zacharda (Retired) and his wife
currently reside in the Allentown area.


1981 – 2004

Rev. Norman Dresher

Pastor Norman Dresher served Zion’s Lutheran Church from 1981 to 2004. He left his position at Zion’s to pursue a different path in his ministry as an Interim Pastor.

Pastor Dresher and his wife reside in the Hamburg area.



1973 – 1980


Rev. Lyn L. Langkamer

Pastor Lyn L. Langkamer is a native of Lehighton, PA.

Pastor Langkamer then graduated from Kutztown State College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1969. Thereafter, he entered the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia and graduated with a Master of Divinity Degree in 1973. Pastor Langkamer was ordained on May 24, 1973 at St. Luke  Lutheran Church, Reading, PA. He was called to serve the North Berks Lutheran Parish comprised of Zion Lutheran Church and St. Paul (Smoke) Church until January 1976 when Zion called Pastor Langkamer as their full time pastor. He served Zion until September 14, 1980.While living with his family in the Hamburg parsonage, Pastor Langkamer served as president and members of the Hamburg Area Ministerium, president and member of the East Berks Lutheran Pastoral Association and a member of the Hamburg Rotary Club. Called to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kreidersville, Northampton, PA, Pastor Langkamer was installed by The Rev. Dr. Wilson E. Touhsaent on September21, 1980.

Pastor Langkamer recently served St. John Lutheran Church at 32 South 5th Street, Allentown, PA. (2009) and is retired.

(Rev. 2015)


 1968 – 1973

Rev. Thomas J Keener

The Rev. Thomas J. Keener is the son of The Rev. John D. and Esther (Klopp) Keener. He is one of six children. Thomas graduated from Mahanoy Joint High School at Dalmatia, Northumberland County, PA. His undergraduate degree was earned at Susquehanna College in Selinsgrove, PA, followed by Lutheran Ministry preparation at Mount Airy Seminary in Philadelphia, graduating in 1964. Pastor Keener is married to the former Barbara Taylor of Philadelphia.
(1964-1968) Prior to coming to the North Berks Parish, Pastor Keener served St. John-Mt. Zion Parish in Shenandoah, Schuylkill County.
(1968-1973) On Saturday, June 1, 1968, Pastor Keener became the vice pastor of the North Berks Lutheran Parish. Pastor Keener’s appointment as vice pastor was made by The Rev. Samuel Kidd, President of the Eastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church in America. The appointment was approved by the joint council of the area parish. Pastor Keener’s first ministerial  responsibility was conducting Confirmation services for catechisms at both parish churches on Sunday, June 2, 1968.
(1973-1981) In 1973 Pastor Keener received a call from St. Paul, White Haven, serving until 1981.. Pastor Keener served several years on the Evangelical Outreach Committee of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod, beginning while at White Haven.
(1981-2004) In 1981, Pastor Keener was called to Zion, Northampton. While at Zion, Pastor Keener served three years on the council of the Northern Lehigh Valley Mission District, and several years as clergy liaison and a board member of the Northampton Area Food Bank. Pastor Keener officially retired in February 2003, but continued to serve Zion half-time under contract through June 2004. While in Northampton, his wife Barbara learned American Sign Language and worked several years doing deaf ministry for Lutheran congregational Services (formerly Lutheran Services of the Lehigh Valley). Since retiring, she continues to do deaf ministry as a volunteer, helping to lead worship services with a deaf congregation and ministering in other ways.
(2004-Present) After retiring, Pastor and Mrs. Keener joined Messiah, Bethlehem, where he maintains the congregation’s WEB site. After many years of living in parsonages, the Keeners bought a home and are putting quite a bit of time and effort into updating the property. Pastor Keener also continues occasional supply preaching (2009).

(Rev. 2015)

Before 1968

1965 to 1968: The Rev. Walter R Keim
1958 to 1964: The Rev. C.C. Moore
1944 to 1957: The Rev. Samuel A Kistler
1940 to 1943: The Rev. John L. Reiner
1938 to 1939: The Rev. R.A. Laubach
1913 to 1938: The Rev. W.K. Fisher
1911: The Rev. M.H. Stettler (Supply Pastor)
1897 to 1910: The Rev. H.C. Kline
1896 to 1897: The Rev. M.H. Stettler (Supply Pastor)
1884 to 1896: The Rev. O.D. Miller
1866 to 1883: The Rev. T.T. Yeager
1823 to 1866: The Rev. G.F.I. Yeager
1816 to 1823: The Rev. F. Engel
1811 to 1816: The Rev. John Knoske
1803 to 1810: The Rev. Daniel Lehman (Assisted by The Rev. John Knoske)
1778 to 1803: The Rev. Daniel Lehman
1775 to 1777: The Rev. H. Moeller
1771 to 1775: The Rev. Daniel Schumacher
1765 to 1771: The Rev. John Andrew Krug
1763 to 1765: The Rev. Daniel Schumacher
1759 to 1763: The Rev. Bernhard Michael Hausihl
(His pastorate began at least 2 years before the church was built)